Assignment 1: A Career As A Healthcare Administrator

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If you would have asked me this question five ago I would have a completely different answer, but since I have been working in the position where I can see how the clinic is ran. Finance is key when it comes to the bottom line. That is why a Healthcare Administrator is so important when it comes to running a clinic. They are the middle man between the welfare of the patient and the operation of the clinic. A clinic cannot run on good faith and excellent service, it makes money to pay employees and buy new medical equipment. As leader your effectiveness is being judge from both sides of the coin for the board members your effectiveness is based on the financial outcomes of the clinic. They look at the clinic as a business, a business that needs to make money in order to treat patients. If the business is not making money then it cannot survive and ultimately it will fail. On the other side of…show more content…
If one person in the team lack the skill set needed to complete the task it will take time to retrain the individual, which in hand will slow the team down. The team must also be able to work at a high level of cohesiveness. Cohesiveness lowers personal animosity with in the team and increase team productivity (Dye, 2010). Now the most important value that is crucial to a team success is commitment. When a team is committed to the cause it will put aside all personal agendas, and devote all of their efforts to the accomplishment of the task at hand (Dye, 2010). With a high level of commitment it encourages team members to generate thoughtful ideas, creative and multifaceted solutions (Dye, 2010). This will bring forth a result that all the team members can be proud of. I know that the future of this team will have the right motivation, desire, and knowledge to be successful at any task that is place in front of
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