Assignment 1: A Case Study Of SO EMT Perez

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On 8/2/2015 SO EMT Perez was dispatched to FC-505 regaurding general sickness. SO EMT Perez knocked and announced his presence at the door and was greeted by the residents spouse and then to the resident in question, a Mrs. Barbra Myers. Mr. Myers stated that Mrs. Myers was feeling unwell for the past couple of days but today she was acting unusal and slurring/mubling her words and all around acting uncoordinated. Mrs. Myers seems to be somewhat disorientated but is answering all questions appropriatly. SO EMT Perez performed and assesment which revealed the following; Blood Pressure 148/72, Pulse 101, Spo2 96%, Mrs. Myers is very hot to the touch but does not appear to be perspiring, SO EMT Perez recieved a temperature reading from Mr. Myers '

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