Assignment 1: Bmo Placement

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The Placement General Information: The company of my co-op placement for this semester is Bank of Montreal (BMO), which is located at First Canadian Place on 100 King Street West. BMO is a large financial corporation that is owned by shareholders. As one of the “Big Five” banks in Canada, BMO has over 960 branches, and over 46, 000 employees across Canada. In my particular department -- scanning and documentation, I work with a team of 25 people. There are certain facilities provided for employees, including coffee machines, vending machines, a lounge area, and a television. As to eating establishments, the food court at First Canadian Place offer a variety of restaurants such as Jimmy The Greek, Subway, and UMI Sushi Express, Furthermore, the dress code for all BMO employees is to dress business…show more content…
The first step is to prepare documents to be scanned. After the documents are scanned, they are to be verified and sent back to different branches. My role as a personal and commercial administrator is to check that all the information are correct and then sort them into different boxes according to the branch offices. I believe that my responsibilities is closely related to all my other colleagues because we are all working on different steps to ultimately complete the accounting cycle. Self- Assessment Skills and Abilities: For my job, two key skills that I would definitely need are organizational skills, and effective communication. First of all, it is crucial to have good organizational skills because I need to handle a lot of paperwork everyday. If the documents are not sorted correctly, it may cause many problems for other people. Effective interpersonal communication skills are also one of the most important skills for my job. These skills can allow me to efficiently communicate and interact with my colleagues, which leads to better understanding and
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