Assignment 1: Course Analysis

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1. How have you developed as a learner/thinker? I am currently working as an IT Systems Administrator with the Air National Guard and Department of Defense; I decided to go back to school to get a full understanding of the field of Information Technology to advance in my place of employment and mentor younger airmen under me. Taking IT courses has helped me comprehend how each component of a computer operates, how to manage a network and server, how a router and switch works, and how to write code for programs. Learning these skills has enhanced my critical thinking skills; now when I am faced with a problem I can go through the basic steps of troubleshooting to rectify the issue. Understanding how a piece of hardware works and how a network…show more content…
This course has given me the knowledge to write code to create my own webpage. ITEC 4285-Web Server Admin has taught me how to manage Windows Server 2012 and Opensuse. This course has given me the expertise to setup a FTP server and administer users. It also taught me how to is use IIS 8. ITEC 4361-Software and Database Security have prepared me for the Security+ exam. My place of employment now requires us to have Security+ and this class provided me with the knowledge I needed to pass the exam. ITEC 4370-Virtual Computing has taught me about virtual box and VMware. Taking this course gave me the skills and understanding of using virtual computer which enable to create a virtual lab at work to train other personnel. 3. How has your experience been integrative? Being in the military I get to interact with other IT departments ranging from servers, switches, and computer security. Taking the ITEC classes have really given me a full understanding of what each of those departments do and I can now go into their shops and help them with their equipment. I recently got a chance to setup severs, develop configuration images and client image, and write scripts for a future

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