Assignment 1: Difference Between PPO And HMO Plan

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Mrs. Jones I will be more then happy to explain to you what is the difference between PPO plan and HMO plan and which one I would recommend but first let me explain what are the difference of an HMO plan. PPO plan is only covered if a doctor you chose is within the providers network. An HMO gives and individual access to particular hospitals and doctors within their network An HMO network has providers that agree to a lower rate for members that meet qualified standards I would recommend and HMO plan because you have a lot to choose from and to you will be able to keep the doctor you have who is in the HMO plan. Hello Mary, I would love to explain the difference between EPO and POS plan. Well the difference between a EPO and a POS plan is EPO is more like a hybrid of and PPO and a HMO just like a PPO you would not need a referral to see a specialist but you are reimbursed if a doctor is outside your insurance network . An EPO would be a great option if you would like to see a specialist without having to use a PCP referral within you network This option is flexible compared to having an HMO. Hello John yes I sure can give you and understanding of how an indemnity plan would…show more content…
Thomas yes I can explain to you the difference in PPO, HMO or Traditional comprehensive plan and which one 's will enable you to go out of network for care PPO plan is flexible but their are no restrictions on which physician you can visit outside the network the coverage is available if treatment is with an out- of- pocket network doctor a patient cost is lower in the hospital or doctor is in the network. An HMO requires to obtain a referral from the doctor before they are able to visit a specialist. With the Traditional comprehensive plan its also known as a indemnity plan or an fee-for-service which provides clients basic coverage for doctor visits comprehensive coverage is offered in an employer sponsored plan it allows you to see a doctor go to a hospital or clinic of your choice

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