Who's Talking Case Study

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E. Laxmi Lydia
Associate Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
Vignan Institute of Information Technology (VIIT)

Assignment 1
Exercise: Who’s Talking?
Identify the learning style dimension indicated by each student comment. Dimensions may be used more than once. Some statements may have more than one possible answer
_______Student____________ 1. I don’t see what this math garbage has to do with the real world
________Student________ 2. I go crazy when I have to sit still through a class – I need to do stuff and talk about it to learn it
___Student and Instructor_ 3. I can’t do the homework unless I see how it all fits together.
________________ 4. I hate this plug and chug – it’s broring!
________________ 5. Lectures don’t do a thing for me. You want me to understand something, show me a picture.
________________ 6. Even when I know how to do the problems, I always run out of time on tests
________________ 7. Everyone around me can do the problems and I can’t and I fail. Then I get it, but by then the teacher is on to something else. I can never win.
________________ 8. Don’t just tell me stuff – tell me why I should care about it. Answer the following questions
1. What are the different ways students take in information and process it? (Learning styles)
Everyone processes and learns new
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Over 100 students complete a questionnaire to determine if their learning styles are auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. Discovering these learning styles will allow the students to determine their own personal strengths and weaknesses and learn from them. Teachers can incorporate learning styles into their classroom by identifying the learning styles of each of their students, matching teaching styles to learning styles for difficult tasks, strengthening weaker learning
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