Assignment 1: How Do Norms Guide Social Interaction?

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Thu Nguyen Professor Peter A. Aguilera Sociology 101 30 April 2017 1. How do norms guide social interaction? Social interaction is a behavior or an action between two people or among many people. Therefore, the parties that involve in the social interaction must be aware of each other. However, this does not mean seeing each other or behaving directly each other. Today social network plays a significant role in human life, so everyone can connect with others such as friends, acquaintances, and relatives on Facebook due to its popularity and convenience. For example, a person who lives away from home can contact his family on Facebook. In short, a social network is a communicative place where everyone can interact with relatives, friends, and acquaintances. 2. How do we know what Not to do during social interactions? According to the video, there are five relational rules…show more content…
Everyone can go online, see the sites they were built by team members or technologically proficient individuals at the time. With the development of media and social networking in the early 21st century, the site has become a place where most of the interactive content built by ordinary users can be videos on YouTube, blog articles to evaluate the product or posts. It is also more interactive, people interact with each other to comment, share rather than read. Facebook is not the only place but the most popular, and the following numbers will illustrate that. Each month Facebook has an additional 1.2 billion users, that means a half of the global Internet users are using Facebook. This place, along with other sites, allows people to create personalities online without requiring a lot of technology and people respond to it by posting large amounts of personal information. As a result, we have data on the behavior, propensity, and demographics of hundreds of millions of people, which has never been historically
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