Assignment 1: Ranking Your Health Status

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Ranking your Health Status It is easier to modify and elevate status so that we can give them the importance in our lives that they deserve if we continue analyzing our values and priorities.
It will be important to you if you get to answer the following questions on a personal level without tapping on a computer for answers online.
1. What is the level of importance to be able to go through life in a feel-good slim trim body?
To become more aware of what elements of our lives currently have priority over all the others is what we are targeting with the quiz. We have always had in our lives socializing with friends, career, family, and leisure activities as the important priorities in our lives.
We are not consciously aware of what is truly
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What is it going to take for you to make the necessary changes in your life?
I am conscious of the fact that I am somewhat playing the 'scare card. '
Take stock of the potential for an unexpected health crisis when you ignore the early warning signs, which can be as simple as belly fat that cannot easily be removed.
You do not want to wait until a health crisis sets in before you seriously consider taking better care of your horse. I can assure you that if you are having trouble getting your priorities in order, a health scare will accelerate the process like nothing you could imagine.
Often we don 't recognize the negative consequences of living with excess body fat because the changes are so small and subtle. But make no mistake, they are adding up to every cell and tissue of your body.
Why risk the potentially irreversible or even fatal consequences of neglecting your health? Why wait for some awful wake-up call to threaten your life before you decide to make your health rightly a priority?
Try to see this as a wake up call which hopefully prods you into taking the right actions. This whole exercise should help you to realize that your health is the most important thing in your life. Nothing else matters without your

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