Assignment 2 Code Of Ethics For A Global Automobile Company

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Unit 4 : Assignment 2 Code of Ethics for A Global Automobile company :- 1. Work to create a good and healthy work culture and environment - Behaving with integrity and good social norms This Automobile company will use its efforts to make sure all labor and employment laws and regulations of the international countries where it is active and working. This Automobile company encourages and supports the personal growth of all people working for it . Based on Mutual Trust, this Automobile company endeavors to improve its business performance in order to make it possible to provide equal employment opportunities and to maintain fair and stable working conditions.This Automobile company tries to create a safe and happy work environment for its employees. This Automobile company respects and honors the rights of all people working for it and will not discriminate against them . Therefore, all of us must recognize our essential roles in contributing to the success of it and should make a commitment to comply with internal rules and conduct our duties with integrity and in a sociable manner. We should each also endeavor to fully utilize our capabilities and to put forth our best efforts in all matters in order to strengthen and build its’s business performance globally 2. Compliance with Laws and Regulations This Automobile company will comply with applicable laws , internal company policies and rules, and take appropriate action against any illegal or criminal acts or acts in

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