Assignment 2: Discussion Paper

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a) What procedures will you follow in dealing with this employee? When I will receive or observe irregularities of a community health educator I will formally investigate it according to the policies of my organizations. The community health educator will be notified in writing. I will ask the community health educator to meet with me in my office to discuss the complaints. I will try my best to find out the exact causes of the complaints against the community health educators. I will work out the possible remedies. I will ask cooperation from the community health educator to overcome these complaints. In the meantime, I will meet with the community leaders and will accept their written feedback earnestly. I may ask the community health…show more content…
(30 points My organization will maintain an official personal file for the community health educator. I will try to maintain employee file for thought, concerns, and items needing follow-up that may be inappropriate for the formal personal file. I will put the complaints in the community health educators personnel file only if I conclude that that the complaint or series of complaints has/have merit. The personal file and all information in them will always be treated with complete confidentiality. To avoid possible legal consequences I will maintain all the paper works in file. Before termination or demotion of an employee I will always discuss the following questions with my superiors. Is the decision taken for the best interest of my organization? Has the community health educator been given adequate opportunity to improve? Is the paperwork and documentation sufficiently extensive? Have the organization personnel handbook been followed rightfully? Is there any indication of bias? Is there any indication of discrimination based on race, national origin, age, gender, or

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