Assignment 2: Survey Questions And Answers

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1. What conclusions do you reach when you look at the descriptive statistics for the answers to each of the survey questions in the database (see Survey Responses attachment above)?
The responses of the survey, show that most of the people surveyed are strongly agree that the menu was easy to read, and the order was prepared correctly. It also shows that people agree that employees were courteous and polite, restaurant was clean, and good value for price was paid. However, people neither agree or disagree that the food was tasty, and the overall satisfaction. The lowest rate was given to the food was served hot. In addition the survey shows that people will like to dine with Sizzlegrill Burrito, and will recommend it to a friend. The good thing about the survey is that there are no answers with poor or strongly disagree.
2. If you average the responses to the first seven questions by customer, how closely are those averages correlated to the satisfaction score (see Survey
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I believe that people have good responses about the restaurant; however, the restaurant should focus more about food quality, taste, and the temperature of the food, because those are the responses were people are putting low rates.
3. Analyze the data on burrito weights (see Burrito Statistics attachment above). Notice that the Mean, Median, Mode, and Standard Deviation are calculated for you (you are welcome). What do your results tell you about the consistency of the food servings?
The average weight of a burrito is 1.5 lbs., and the most frequently weight of a burrito is 1.57 lbs. However, from every 150 burritos, 2 burritos can weight 1.80 lbs. or more. On the other side, from every 150 burritos, 12 burritos can weight from 1.30 lbs. to 1.35 lbs.
Should Juan Nicely be concerned about the burrito weight variance? Explain why or why
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