Assignment 3: Business Intelligence And Data Warehouse

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Assignment 3: Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses Student: Juan C. Lord Course: CIS11 Professor: Jodine Burchell Strayer University 8/30/2017 Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses We all know what a database and a database warehouse is but do we know the differences? Well typically, the online transaction-processing database is like a health system that keeps records of vast patients. This database is usually has one application. This type of Databases does not have analytics. A database that does perform analytics is a warehouse database. This database warehouse takes information from all the databases and analyses their information. Optimized for delivering one-time transaction the OLTP database should have time-interval response…show more content…
Most of all operational database is stored in a relational database. This optimizes the support of the inquiries transactions. For example, a watch store, each time a watch is sold,, it must be tracked on a daily. The inventory is always updating because it needs to be accounted for. The time span for an operational must be short to cover but a relational has to have longer time frame to be able to analyze and get the information required. Operational data focus on representing individual transactions rather than on the effects of the transactions over time. In turn, data analysts tend to include many data dimensions and are interested in how the data relate over those dimensions. For example, an analyst might want to know how many types of watches and different types during the past year by country, state, city, store, and customer. In that case, both place and time are part of the…show more content…
This is type of information gathering is being used by all kinds of big corporations, like the health industry, transportation, Logistics and others. This information is of great use to companies to see trends on their spending habits and even costumer contributions to the organization. Data mining example can be an Airline company, they can use data mingling to determine, things like how many costumers cancel flights, their age group and how much is the Airline Company spending to re book this eats. This information can be utilized later for Airline companies to concentrate their advertisement and budget in the correct place thus saving them money with this information. The ability to precisely gage customer response to changes in business rules is a powerful competitive advantage for any big

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