Assignment 3 Task Group Analysis

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Personal Reflection During the group three task group assignment I was able to exercise my leadership skills as well as my teamwork abilities. Looking back and reflecting on what my group was able to achieve I would say I represented the role of the elaborator in regards to task roles. Whenever the group came up with ideas and agreed on one I offered ideas and asked questions that would allow us to take those ideas one step further. I also unconsciously lead the role of the orienter due to us having time restrictions I made sure my group stayed on task and was able to complete on time. I feel that my group worked seamlessly together. There isn’t anything I would have done differently because together we worked as a team, we utilized one…show more content…
This process was not a time consuming rule because we are all efficient, honest, and enthusiastic which helped us move fast. Power As I reflect back on what was taught about power and my group interaction, I was able to identify the types of power we executed. It took time referring to my notes and thinking about how what I learned coincide together. To make the correspondence I made note of each group member and what power qualities everyone posed and how as a group we responded in regards to power. One of the types of power our group had was expert power. With one of our group members being a mature women who have experienced more in life any of the other three group members had she was able to support us with ideas that she actually lived while creating our story lines. It was not an overbearing of support where she used that power to make our ideas irrelevant. She offered her support on a need basis. Secondly, all of us had qualities of personality power. With all of our unique personalities they seemed to complement one another we was all able to be leaders within our own rights, and when needed. Also we all have a charismatic personality that made all of us feel…show more content…
In fact, we used each task to build on to the next. As stated before we worked together to put together rules that we all agreed to. What made that task come together was out O (open communication), L (listen to everyone ideas), and D (distributing work load evenly) of our acronym BOLD. While one person formatted our rules on the paper we was given the other members put together the creative ways it will be presented. When time was running out I decided to help my other group mate get the rest of our ideas on paper while the other two finished getting our props

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