PBLA Assignment 3 Research Paper

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PBLA Assignment Three Throughout the world, bullying has increased rapidly over the years. Bullying has been around for many years, and has caused many issues: suicidal attempts, depression, and emotional outrage. While in elementary school, I do not remember gaining knowledge about bullying, and the negative impacts it has on others. However, I have seen loved ones suffer from bullying, and attended funerals of loved ones whom committed suicide. So, therefore, bullying has impacted this world in a negative way, which allows us to fight for the stop of bullying. Statistics of Bullying Bullying can start at any point of an individual’s life; however, children can be exposed to bullying at school, at home, or even in public. Many children whose parents have taught them about bullying, usually stands up for those who cannot. However, the children who has violence in their home, usually encourages bullying,…show more content…
This program encourages the community to come as one, which involves: parents, students, teachers, and staff. Coming as one will help tackle-bullying head on. Also, students will feel comfortable fighting against bullying if everyone in their community is against it, as well. Education and information about bullying would play a magnificent role in this program. Having this knowledge will help others learn the risk and negative aspects of bullying. We will be providing each individual with pamphlets and booklets about How to prevent bullying in their community and schools? Also, the community will gather in the gymnasium at Valley View Elementary School every other Friday, which allows us to gather their responses on how this program is working thus far, and concerns. To add, if we all come together as one, then we could make a difference in today’s society. So, therefore, we expect to come together every other Friday to see the successfulness of this
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