Assignment 4 Effective Communication Case Study

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Information must be distributed internally and externally so it can increase co-workers and relevant personnel effectiveness and knowledge, its vital to keep everybody well informed to all current and new information and all changes. Gathering accurate reliable, relevant information is the goal of your organisation to ensure quality care for clients and co-workers.
Sending information goes two ways when you send information you need to make sure it’s received and understood the way intended, making sure you also receive the message that’s also sent out to you as communication goes both ways.
Being aware of different cultures and expectations is very important as culture is a sensitive topic, researching all cultures
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Gathering the right information supports the quality of your performance, client’s treatments, managing conflicts and correct documentation of vital information. , skills you need nonverbal active listening, effective speaking © 2011 - 2015
When representing your organisation its necessary to make sure all information is relevant well researched appropriately designed well planned and meet the audience’s needs. You must be well prepared and organised by planning your material and being familiar with the
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