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For assignment 6.1 I interviewed Angie Wagler, Coordinator of Technology and Technology Professional Development at Norton City Schools. Angie shared that Norton City School uses the Student Information System, Data Analysis for Student Learning (DASL). Staff members with access to DASL include teachers, psychologists, counselors, administrators, administrative assistants, and the EMIS coordinator, etc. However, the level of access is different depending on one’s position. For instance, administrators only have access to their building and teachers only have access to the students in their class. Typically, counselors utilize this information system for scheduling. Parents and students do not have access to DASL. However, Angie explained that much of the information in DASL is carried over to…show more content…
Life Touch) as well as the routing of busses for the transportation department. There are many individuals responsible for maintaining the Student Information System. The technology department, which only includes two individuals currently, is in charge of DASL as a whole. Mrs. Danko, EMIS Coordinator, has responsibilities in terms of information used to report to the State. Ms. Flechler, special education administrative assistant is in charge of maintaining compliance dates for Evaluation Team Reports (ETR) and Individualized Education Programs (IEP), as well as building secretaries to ensure student information is up-to-date. Something new I learned through my interview with Angie is the importance of DASL’s maintenance as well as how many individuals rely on this Student Information System on a daily basis. As a psychologist, I am constantly using DASL to gain information regarding a student’s contact information, attendance, and educational history. I also realized the significance of the information included in DASL, and how that information is used for EMIS

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