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In this assignment I have found quotes for different insurance plans, by using my personal information that I have entered into the database. The website I have chosen to use for this assignment is and based on the information I put in the computer, the two health insurance company quotes that were offered to me were many forms of Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare plan of Georgia and Kaiser Permanente in some categories of bronze, silver, gold, and others. Some of the plans that was specifically offered to me were, Blue Cross Catastrophic Pathway HMO 7150, Kaiser Permanente Catastrophic 7150, Kaiser Permanente Bronze 6200, Blue Cross Bronze Pathway HMO 5850,…show more content…
I am currently a new customer of Blue Cross Blue Shield and I have the Blue Cross Blue Shield Catastrophic Pathway HMO 7150 plan and I love the benefits that come along with having this health insurance plan. Before using Blue Cross Blue Shield, I have been a customer of many other health insurance companies, for example, Humana, Cigna, and Kaiser, but compared to these three health insurance companies, Blue Cross Blue Shield is winning by far in my…show more content…
I chose this plan because it allows me to save money. As a member of this plan, Blue Cross has helped to protect me from paying drastic costs for my medical bills. Being that I am young and healthy I believe choosing a plan that has a higher deductible and a lower premium works best for me. Considering the factors are very important when it comes to choosing a health insurance plan. Next I will be discussing the top five factors that are most important to me. The first factor that is most important to me is the cost. In my opinion the Blue Cross Catastrophic Pathway HMO 1750 is not too costly. Roughly on a monthly basis I am paying no more than a hundred and eighty one dollars which is not bad considering the amount of office visits I can get within the year. After paying my deductible my primary care visits are only forty dollars. The second factor is the benefits and coverage. With the Blue Cross Catastrophic Pathway 7150 plan, after reaching my deductible a lot of services are covered at no charge, for example, emergency room care, inpatient hospital services, specialist visits, laboratory services, outpatient facility, prescription drugs, and much

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