Assignment 6: The Guidance Model Of Infant Development

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For this assignment we have to choose a specific age group and a guidance topic we want to focus on. I decided to discuss about Behavior Guidance topic from infants. I will be discussing the guidance model that includes for this topic and how I would use the guidance model with the infants. Assignment 6: Guidance Topic Notation and Reflection Typical infants behaviors can sometimes be challenging for parents and caregivers. Curiosity, exploration, and discovery are aspects of infant development that take place as they interact with and learn more about the world around them. This exploration and discovery can look like challenging behavior or “misbehavior” as infants put objects in their mouths, practice cause and effect by pushing objects…show more content…
All infants will have moments of frustration, disappointment, and unhappiness. However, with the support and guidance from nurturing adult caregivers, infants build the capacity to calm themselves and to find ways to continue to engage with friends. This development depends greatly on early relationship building and it is influenced by temperament. It’s important to remember that every infant is born with his or her own way of approaching the world which is called temperament. Some young children, for example, are constantly on the move while others prefer to sit and watch the world around them. Some young children enjoy new experiences and meeting new people while others are slower to warm-up in unfamiliar…show more content…
There is no one guidance approach, or strategy, that fits all infants; each young child is unique. This requires that you continue to examine young children’s temperaments, skills, needs, strengths and cultures before considering a particular guidance approach. However, in addition to recognizing, accepting, and responding to infants’ emotions and behaviors, a customized guidance approach can help you support the development of skills, such as self-regulation, that will continue to develop over a lifetime. Here are some of the strategies and guidance models that address challenging behaviors of infants. • Review or observe the physical surrounding in which infants play and interact to ensure safety of the environment. • Engage in one-on-one play or conversation—take the infant’s lead and follow her or his interests. • Introduce turn-taking games like rolling a ball back and forth or
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