Assignment 8: Focus On Group Communication

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Communication 8 focuses on group communication regardless of whether it is a large or small group. It should help us understand what really is communication and how it should be used properly. Overall we will be able to solve problems, deliberate and reach decisions as a group. As a group we will come together to complete any material that has to be done properly. I believe that I will learn how to solve problems, learn what it takes to communicate with others, and be able to better understand others.
To be able to learn what it takes to communicate with just about anyone would help anyone solve problems that may occur in any situation and being able to understand others can make any individual a stronger communicator. Learning what it takes to communicate with others will teach me the tools necessary for life, work, everyday conversations, school and sports. Although, learning how to solve any problem will give me the confidence to solve anything that I could potentially face in such situations as work related, school or even family. I want to be able to gain the ability to understand anyone.
On another note, about one year ago I was in a school club where we had to build a haunted house, and it may sound simple; but it was not. We had chosen our group and as we began
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It takes some time to be able to understand others and I feel as if it is rude to ask over and over to repeat themselves for myself to understand. Even though I also have problems with my very own communication I want and hope to learn how to understand anyone because I want to use this in any class I may take or even for what I hope to major in. If I am going to become a nurse I will need to know how to understand anyone when I speak to them. I want to use every tool I may learn to take away some knowledge from it, but most of all I would love to be able to understand

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