Assignment 9: The Civil Rights Movement

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Unit 9: The Civil Rights Movement- Topic 1 Watch television for 30 minutes or watch about 30 minutes of any movie made within the last five years. What were the first five things that stood out to you as being a product of progress since the Civil Rights Movement? “The civil rights act of 1964, prohibits discrimination in public accommodations, in programs receiving federal funds, and in employment; established the EEOC to enforce its provisions” (Harrison, 2017, p. 293). The movie that I watched recently until the end was the Patriots Day movie. It is about the Boston bombing that happened during the Boston Marathon on April 15th 2013. The first five things I noticed that was a product of progress since the Civil Rights Movement is that there were a lot…show more content…
“Although not a numerical minority, women have often faced the same kinds of barriers as African Americans and other racial minorities in their quest for equal political, economic and social opportunities in the United States” (The Leadership Conference, 2017, p.1). The civil rights movement has directly impacted my life by allowing me to have rights as a woman. Women now have the right to vote, to get an education, to hold certain jobs, and to receive equal pay. I am thankful that I can get an education to better myself and to work in a place where I have the same experience as men, and that I can receive the same pay rate as them and not something lower. I was also able to work when I was pregnant with both of my children and in the past, women were discriminated against being hired if they were pregnant. References: Harrison, B. (2017). Power and Society. An Introduction to the Social Sciences, Fourteenth Edition. Pearson. The Leadership Conference (2017). Civil Rights 101. Women. Retrieved from:
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