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Session no: 9
Session topic: Assertiveness skills
Date: 29.09.15
Assertiveness is a way of thinking and behaving that allows a person to stand up for his or her rights while respecting the rights of others. People who are non-assertive can be passive or aggressive. Individuals who have passive behavior are not committed to their own rights and are more likely to allow others to encroach on their rights than to stand up and speak out. Whereas individuals who have aggressive behavior are very likely to defend their own rights and work to achieve their own goals but are also likely to neglect the rights of others. And also aggressive persons insist that their feelings and needs take precedence over other people's. They are likely to put the blame others for problems instead of offering solutions.
There is a four steps approach to become more assertive which is as follow:-
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The five stage messages which includes describing a situation objectively, expressing the feelings, stating what is required, inviting the other person to comment and knowing the possible outcomes.
4. Learn to say “NO”- One must know how to say no assertively in order to protect themselves from exploitation. It can be of two types: - broken record and fogging.
A. Broken method- It involves resaying what you want, time and time again, without increasing the tone of your voice, becoming angry, irritated, or involved in side issues. The key is to stay calm, be very clear in what you want, stick to the point and not give up. One should accept a compromise only if one is happy with the outcome.
B. Fogging- Fogging is a helpful technique if a person is behaving in a manipulative or aggressive manner. Fogging is to give a minimal, calm response by using terms that are pacifying not defensive, while at the same time not approving to meet demands. The term fogging is used because an individual acts like a wall of fog, as on which arguments are thrown but they are not returned.

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