Assignment: Contemporary Issues In Marketing Management

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Qualification Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma Business

Unit number and title Unit 41: Contemporary issues in marketing management

Student name Shadia Nabiihah Chukoury Assessor’s name Dr. Nittin Essoo
Customer relationship management is the use of marketing activities to create successful customer relationships so that existing
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So, the business must create a good physical layout as it already creates an image of them.
(2) Provision of customer service
Customer service is found at the heart of modern industries, it creates loyalty among customers as customers are likely to be more loyal towards businesses who serves them well.

(3) Processes
There are several processes associated with customer service In order to make marketing effective in the organisation, for example processes for customer complaints and identifying customer needs and requirements.

The 7Ps is the modern marketing mix that is particularly relevant in the service sector, however, it is also applicable to any form of business where meeting the needs of customers is given priority, like M3 ltd, using the extended mix might be a great help for them as it will increase their profitability.
How difficulties peculiar to the marketing of services can be overcome?
The basis for a separate treatment of services marketing is made up of several features of services which are constantly mentioned in the literature.
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The varied nature of organisations and difference in personal values makes it compulsory to preserve a code of conduct which would prevent offenses (Reidenbach, Robin, 1989).
The pressure group have a great influence on ethical and social marketing policies, this will be shown below,
External social pressure has become the main driver in business ethics. This is especially true for small businesses in smaller populations. Strong considerations must be given by businesses in the areas of involvement of the general community and environmental responsibility. The information age has contributed considerably to this increase in importance of social pressure as word spreads rapidly when companies fail to follow social standards.
Leveraging the ability to mobilise quickly, societies have been able to arrange boycotts in certain conditions to force businesses to reconsider social or environmental decisions. Some businesses, for example, have changed certain procedures to better preserve the environment built on pressure from environmental watch groups and the public in

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