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TOPIC: Employment after graduation Do you realize that the rate of unemployed graduates are increasing day by day? Employment after graduation is limited because the jobs available are less than the amount of job-seekers. As such, graduates have to be competitive in order to get a job. Some people are still unemployed although they have higher education certificates. People who graduate with a degree does not guarantee to get employed. The Department of Statistics Malaysia (2015) found that the unemployment rate in Malaysia was recorded at 3.2% in September of 2015. In addition to that, the Department of Human Manpower had conducted in 2015 and it is found that 59000 graduates and diploma holders were unemployed (, 2015). The main…show more content…
No doubt that they have the certificates that give them the first ticket for the job. However, during interviews, they did not get employed because they do not fulfil the criteria or quality set such as soft skills that is needed by that particular industry to get the job. According to Karemera (2015), ‘Education alone can’t fix unemployment’, to get a job, you not only need to have a certificate, but you also require to have soft skill such as communication skill especially English language, critical thinking and working experience. Graduates who equipped themselves with soft skills are proven more outstanding compared to graduates who only score good grades in the examination. For instance, if you are lacking in current information, communication and technology (ICT) skills, you are unable to work as an interior designer although you have the theoretical knowledge. This is because a company will not hire a worker that does not fulfil the requirement of the job. Peninsular Malaysia in 2012 researched that the job vacancies are increasing from year to year. (, 2015). However, the statistic department found that the unemployment rate in Malaysia had increased from 2.7% to 3.2%. (, 2015) The job vacancies are filled by only a part of the workers. This shows that unemployment after graduation issue happened because of the low quality of a graduate instead of the lack of job…show more content…
Therefore, unemployment can be solved by equipping oneself with soft skills. Transferable skills such as teamwork and collaboration skills, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and so on play a significant role in contributing to our working life. Thus, in what way can we improve your soft skills? The answer is join a team. For example, in higher learning institution, student can join clubs and get involved in activities that is organized, put themselves to work as a team can forces them to accomplish a task with others, develop a strategy to solve a problem, learn how to express their thoughts and build up their own self-esteem. Julie Griffin Levitt (2006) states that soft skill do not exist in vacuum, they have to put in ‘real life’ over a long period of time. Therefore, we need to learn soft skills through practicing and this might help us to gain experience too. Moreover, clubs such as public speaking club and debate club can help us to train our communication skills and listening skills. Furthermore, we can also join training courses to improve our interpersonal skills. For instance, training programmes such as certified program in spoken English and personality development helps participants to develop their English vocabulary, comprehend sentences spoken or written in English and enables them to confidently converse in simple English (Niit.Com,

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