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I will be producing a toy that is based off of buoyancy. The Motor Float® is a motorized version of bumper cars on water. This a safe new way to enjoy bumper cars with a pleasant splash of water when being knocked off of your Motor Float®. The Motor Float® floats on water and buoyancy is why it stays on top of the water. The water is more dense therefore, along with the buoyant force being exerted on the boat, it is able to stay on top of the water. The motor of the boat is powered by electricity. The Motor Float® has a rechargeable 12-volt battery. A 12-volt deep cycle marine battery runs the 12-volt trolling motor. The Motor Float® has a bow mount trolling motor which means it is installed at the front of the boat. The trolling motor allows thrust to move smoothly on the water and bump others off of their Motor Float®. The boat is driven by a wheel that is controlled by the driver. There is a digital controlling screen at the bottom right side panel where the wheel is…show more content…
Make bath and showers fun with Spiral® a fun water toy for people of all ages. The Spiral® is a collection of gears that spin and can contain water in the ridges of the gears. Included there are slopes that when placed on an angle connecting one gear to another will increase that flow rate of the water. There is a spout included, with an opening that is good for releasing the “just right” amount of water to increase the flow rate as much as possible. The more slopes and gears added the higher the flow rate is. There is a silicon on the back of each spout, gear, and slope that adheres to the wall tile in a bath or shower. A box of Spiral® includes, three small gears, four medium gears, five large gears, five extra large gears, five slopes, and a spout. This toy comes in various colours including Metal Blue, Sparkles Of Pink, and Orange Blast. We will include not one, but two extra spouts if you order two boxes of Spiral® in the next 24
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