Assignment: Explain Kaizen Philosophy

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Unit: Quality Assurance Assignment: Home Assignment Question 1: Explain Kaizen Philosophy • Describe the basic concepts of Kaizen Kaizen is a Japanese word which translated directly means "good change", more specifically it means a never-ending process of continuous improvement. In Japanese, Kaizen is directed to all aspects of life however in America it is applied to work processes of manufacturing, engineering and management. In a working environment Kaizen is used to refer to an ongoing improvement involving all individuals of the company, from the top management to the workers. It does not focus on drastic changes or radical innovations but rather on optimizing existing systems. Kaizen in an organisation has two basic concepts, these are: process improvement and process control, however before the implementation of the basic concepts of Kaizen, standard operation procedures, regulations, directives and policies are established and followed by all the individuals of the company. Process improvement is what Kaizen is all about, it involves experiments to determine if a process can be done in a different way in order to achieve better results. If the experiments are successful the improvement is identified and the process is modified. This modification would change the standard operation procedures. By improving the process, Kaizen aims to be more efficient by eliminating unnecessary procedures. The continuous improvement of the product or process result in

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