Assignment: Integrated Marketing Communication

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Assignment (1) 1) What do you understand by the term IMC? IMC which is mean the integrated marketing communication that refer to the concept of marketing communication that evaluate the strategic roles of a diversity of communication. It is the way which used by the organization to make and manage of marketing effort through different communication channels. IMC is a complete plan that rate the strategic roles of the different of communication disciplines and gather these disciplines to offers clearness and maximum communication impact. For example, general advertising, direct response, sales promotion and the public relation. Moreover, it is the way to make a trade mark or logo experience as a knowledge for customer through different channels.…show more content…
It is the ability to have a client for life, by great competitive advantage. For example, raising the sales, more profiting and the time the most important benefit is saving money because it removes doubling in areas, for instance the picture like graphics and photography since can be joint and used advertising, exhibitions and sales literature. So, is delivered the massage more constant and therefore more credible. IMC is a wraps the communications around the customers that helps them to move through different stages of a buying like product, promotion and advertising and other. 3) In your opinion, is IMC practice becoming more popular or prevalent for product promotions? Please elaborate your response with examples In my opinion, I think IMC practice is prevalent for product promotion because people will know more on products because they have an idea on promotion on them. For example, now a day, many of the companies are working to make the predominant or prevalent for products and promotions for being famous and to make their product become more popular for the audience or the consumer. 4) Define and explain the “promotional mix”. Briefly describe the role of each…show more content…
The second tool is the direct marketing: it is a station method of advertising, which makes the link between the businesses and nonprofit organization direct to the consumer. The third tool is the publicity or public relation, which is the managing the flow of information process between the public and organization or an individual to practice. The fourth tool is the sales promotion. Sales promotion is to work for a limited time through media and non-media marketing communication to raise the consciousness about the client demands and develop the product availability. The last tool is the personal selling is the way of convincing people to buy the products or service through face to face and in an oral presentation. 5) What are the major steps in an IMC planning process? Briefly describe each 1- Reviewing the marketing plan: it come before make the development in promotional plan, seller must know and understand where the firm has been its current place in the market where it mean to go, and how its plans to get there. 2- 2- Promotional program situation analysis: in this step the situational analysis concentrations on the factors that affect or are connected to the growth of a promotional strategy, such as marketing situation analysis. 3- 3- Analyzing of the communication process: in this term the firm see, it is ability

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