Assignment: Listening To Contemporary Christian Music

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HU200-Unit 7 Draft Assignment Listening to music has always been a major part of my life that I have also learned to value as part of my own human experience, especially, music by various artists of my own culture, African American; and various artists of my culture, have always had a major influence on the American culture of music, in general. From the beginning of jazz and rhythm and blues, pop, dance, hip-hop, rap and gospel music, the world of African American music, oftentimes hosted a festival, which included African American cultural music and a special event, such as, a parade that celebrated the African American culture, like the Juneteenth celebration parades. Whether this type of music being played included musical instruments,…show more content…
Transitioning to Contemporary Christian Music was neither to fit in or a sign of rebellion, rather, I got tired of listening to pop music, everyday, so, I made a request to God asking him to deliver me from listening to pop music and lead me to listen to Contemporary Christian Music. Afterwards, I turn my radio off, in my car, drove home, turn my radio on to 89.3 KSBJ, which is a radio station that plays this type of music. Since, then, I have not gone back listening to pop music. One specific song and artist I enjoy listening to is, “All Things New”, by Christian Artist, Mr. Steven Curtis Chapman (Bannister and Chapman, 2008). I still enjoy listening to this song because it lets me know even if I have some bad days as well as good days, God still makes all things new in my life; and he gives me the strength to accomplish goals that I sometimes, honestly, do not want to accomplish in my…show more content…
Listening to praise and worship songs help me deal with stress by taking my mind off problems of personal things going on in my life that causes me worry and in turn, take them to God in prayer. The only stressful issue is the waiting process for God to answer my prayers. As I begin and continue to praise and worship God, my problems begin to diminish and the heaviness begins to be lifted while in the presences of God. One specific song and artist I enjoy listening to is, “Waiting Here For You” by Christian Artist, Mrs. Christy Nockels (Nockels, 2011).
Again, I associate with Contemporary Christian, Praise and Worship, Music with inspiration because this type of music wakes me up in the morning by taking my out of sleep mode, changes bad moods, if I’ll feel or have any, provide new insights on how to see things the many songs I listen to on Saturday nights on YouTube, as well, in addition to preparing me for worship services on Sunday mornings. One specific song and artist I enjoy listening to is, “Mighty to Save”, by Hillsong United Worship Leader, Mr. Rueben
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