Minor Prophets: Nineveh And Jonah

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Meaghan Griffin
Professor Zank
February 27th, 2018
Assignment #8- Minor Prophets
The historical setting in which Jonah occurred was no later than 760 B.C when Assyria was forced out of Damascus while Nineveh was part of an extensive complex of cities that compromised Aramean’s power. During this time God referred to Nineveh and Jonah in regards to his own resurrection, death. Jonah ministered in a time when the reign of King Jeroboam took place, while Jeroboam II restored the territory of Israel to the entrance of Hamath to the sea of Arabah. During this time Jonah prophesied Israel would expand her boundaries and the prophecy had been fulfilled. The expansion of Israel led followers to believe Jonah was a well-liked prophet and used
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God is in control but people can change for the better if that is what they want and truly believe in.
The historical setting during Amos was during 841-414 when Judah was under the influence of Jeroboam II of Israel. Amos prophesied during the reigns of Uzziah over Judah. Kingdoms were at a time of high with great prosperity and new high political and military heights. During a time of idolatry and a time of immorality, these time periods reflected a time of greed, persecution of the poor, etc. While Jeroboam had a successful reign, Israel seems to be at its zenith of power. Israel was at a time of being politically secure but overall Amos was at a time of economic prosperity.
The message for today’s church in Amos is the importance of social injustice, bribery, corruption and so much more. God will not only judge the nations but he is judging his own people for their life of ease and to know Good created humanity to flourish during prosperity. It is important today that you are not unfair and injustice yet instead you are
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No matter if you do it, it’s not justified by the time of social injustice, bribery, or corruption that caused us to do so. I believe that the insight God has brought to me after reading Amos is he brings nice and luxurious things to those who listen, work hard, and are honest. He believes those things are blessings to his people and we should enjoy them.
Micah prophesied during a time when the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah. While Micah predicted the fall of Samaria that took place in the seven hundred B.C. As he was active in Judah before this fall he saw the devastation of Sennacheribs Invasion of Judah. There was a great influx of wealth but with that wealth came social evil and injustice.
The message for today’s church with Micah is that, your mercy is assured despite their faithfulness of the leaders. God wants to apply this to everyone’s life today and make sure there is no dishonesty, cheating, or bribery in one’s life today. That would be indeed, sinning. It is important those today know that this life of sin is not okay, and it must be corrected or mass destruction will occur.
Some personal insights I gained in reading Micah was to do well, and not to do badly. Try not to sin for there will be serious repercussions no matter the type of social economic status you hold. Even those who do come from social wealth experience social evil or
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