Assignment: Minor Prophets In The Story Of Jonah

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Meaghan Griffin Professor Zank February 27th, 2018 Assignment #8- Minor Prophets Jonah The historical setting in which Jonah occurred was no later than 760 B.C when Assyria was forced out of Damascus while Nineveh was part of an extensive complex of cities that compromised Aramean’s power. During this time God referred to Nineveh and Jonah in regards to his own resurrection, death. Jonah ministered in a time when the reign of King Jeroboam took place, while Jeroboam II restored the territory of Israel to the entrance of Hamath to the sea of Arabah. During this time Jonah prophesied Israel would expand her boundaries and the prophecy had been fulfilled. The expansion of Israel led followers to believe Jonah was a well-liked prophet and used the expansion as evidence God was on their side. The message for today’s church that Jonah inspires is to treat other people compassion and mercy. Jonah also inspires individuals in today’s church to follow God and do as he wants or there will be consequences. If you do as God wishes there will be rewards but if you don’t do as he pleases, repercussions will be in effect. Just as in the story of Jonah when he did not follow Gods demands his decisions lead them astray into the belly of the fish, modern day Christians feel like they can control their surroundings and their lives and only reach out to God when they are lead astray. The personal insights I gained reading Jonah was to follow God and to believe he has a direct plan for you. God

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