Assignment: Nurse Family Partnership

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Homework #2
Nurse family partnership is a program that’s offered in 43 US States, UK, Canada, Australia, and the Virgin Island that offers low income first time mothers through pregnancy. Guidance is used to help reduce pregnancy,birth complications,promote competent early caregiving,and reduce adjustment difficulties. A nurse comes 2 times a month until the child is two years of age to help with adjustment. These partnerships are considered effective because research suggests that children who were involved in this partnership had higher academic scores and less behavioral problems. Mother’s had fewer subsequent births, more contact with the father of their child, more stable intimate partners, and less welfare dependency. Some of the paternal
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75% receive solid foods and juices too soon by age of 3 months, increasing the chances of weight gain. The program WIC is used to ensure proper care and nourishment of an infant.
Watching television as an infant creates the video deficit effect causing poor performance after a video versus a live demonstration babies who are put in front of a TV screen respond initially positively like when a carrot like with a care provider, however they can distort reality versus what's going on what's being portrayed in television. The American Academy of Pediatrics highly recommends against mass media exposure, suggesting needing experience with a caregiver for optimal physiological brain growth and development.
Parental warmth is important because it expresses love, nurture, and reliable support for the child. Children who have a nurturing father have more mature social behavior, reducing childhood emotional and behavior problems. In adolescent parental warmth decreasing the chances of substance abuse and delinquency. More time spent interacting with an infant when co parenting is
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Sealing the paint of old painted homes prevents the spread of led particles in the air and prevents a child from licking paint. Having a home environment that is organized, less stressful, and includes a rich diet of iron and zinc will decrease the effects of lead exposure.
Otitis Media are repeated middle ear infections that causes fluid to build up in the ear increasing hearing loss. Young children ages six months to 3 years old are susceptible to this condition, typically unable to find relief to this disease after trying amti-bioptics. A child with this disease are more susceptible to ear aches before the age of seven years old because they are exposed to anti-bacterial, respiratory infections, and are exposed to peers with respiratory infections. Well ventilated rooms and child care facilities that sanitize their toys prevent the spread of
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