Assignment On African American Culture

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The culture I 've chosen to explore for this assignment is the African American culture. This culture has many many struggles that have been faced for as long as anyone can remember, I am specifically referring to the days when slaves were considered the norm. A good event I got recommended to go to from a good friend of mine was the Slaves of the State event. This event was so much more informing than I thought it would be and to be honest, it was something I needed to go to because I learned so much from it. This event was presented by Dennis Childs, who is an Associate Professor of African American literature at the University of California in San Diego. Slaves of the State was the birth of advertising slaves, getting them more popular…show more content…
Overall, going to this event was such a good idea; it opened my eyes to another culture other than my own. I 'm guilty of focusing on myself sometimes that I forget that people in other cultures struggle just as I do, we all have issues, we all have things we face and struggle with on a day to day basis. African Americans have been the victims to injustice for such a long time, coming from slavery and now high levels of incarceration. Understanding how correcting this can actually change history little by little is so important but cannot be done by one person, we all need to come together as one and correct these deep rooted issues that African Americans have been the victims to…show more content…
Childs searches out the generally quieted voices of those buried inside threatening spaces, for example, the group of prisoners moving enclosure and the cutting edge isolation cell, connecting with the compositions of Toni Morrison and Chester Himes and additionally an expansive scope of chronicled materials, including historic point court cases, jail melodies, and confirmations, coming to back to the introduction of current slave estates, for example, Louisiana 's "Angola" prison.
Slaves of the State prepares for another comprehension of asset bondage as a proceeding with social reality of U.S. realm—one resting at the very establishment of today 's jail mechanical complex that now holds more than 2.3 million individuals inside the nation 's correctional facilities, penitentiaries, and migrant confinement focuses.
Slaves of the State cannot receive enough superlatives: eye-opening, deeply disturbing, intellectually stimulating, terrible, brilliant .Dennis Childs has written a moving and intricately researched book, which weaves novels and memory, the past and the present, ancient artifacts and modern tools of repression to reveal an unwelcome truth about modern day America and the biggest prison
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