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RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT Name: Saksham Sharma Enrollment Number: 05115901715 Course: BBA Batch: 2015-2018 Semester: 2nd Semester Subject Name: Business Organization Subject Code: BBA-102 Topic of Assignment: Discuss the strategies that have been adopted by Airtel to be a leading telecommunication company in India. STRATEGIES ADOPTED BY AIRTEL Airtel is the world’s 3rd largest mobile telecommunication Indian MNC operating in 20 countries across Asia & Africa. Airtel has presence in 22 telecom circles across India & is India’s largest integrated telecom service provider. Segmentation, targeting, positioning in the Marketing strategy of Airtel Airtel uses mix of segmentation strategies to segment its offerings like basic Call /SMS plans, prepaid / Post-paid plans, VAS – Data, caller tunes etc. Apart from geographically segmenting the market in East, West, North, South & central, the market is also segmented in each region on the basis of demographic variables like age, Income, Social groups. Different geographic regions are handled independently and different campaigns are run according to the preferences of people in each region. Airtel has targeted the generation Z of 15-25 ages, generation X & baby Boomers by using different campaigns over the period of time i.e. campaign like “HarEk friend Jarurihotahai”/ “Jo terahaiwomerahai ” to target Gen Z and recently launched

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