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A Study on Brand Awareness and Consumers’ Buying Decision with reference to Fast Food Products of Domino’s Pizza

The main objectives of the present paper are to find out the factors that influence the customers’ in buying fast food products of Domino’s Pizza India in Guwahati city and to examine the level of awareness among the respondents on various items of fast food product of Domino’s Pizza India. The findings reveal that awareness level of fast food products of Domino’s Pizza among the respondents is very poor; however, there is significant relationship between brand awareness and customers in buying fast food products of Domino’s Pizza.
Key words: Domino’s Pizza, brand awareness, customers, buying decision.

1. Introduction:
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Brand and its influence on the buying behaviour of the customer have already been revealed by many scholarly articles. Thus, it becomes important to study the brand awareness on consumer buying decision. Is it a matter of discussion that quality product can only be supplied by the brand products as compared by the non- brand products? Both rural and urban customers of India are acquainted with the branded product as being advertised by the producers in both print and electronic Medias. The more the customers are aware with the items or goods/ services of the brand the more their buying decision increases thus, creating a brand loyalty. Is it in the case of consumption of fast food products of Dominos Pizza…show more content…
Dodds et al. (1991), Grewal et al. (1998) view that brand awareness acts as a critical factor in the consumer purchase intention, and certain brands will accumulate in consumers’ mind to influence consumer purchase decision. According to them, a product with a high level of brand awareness will receive higher consumer preferences because it has higher market share and quality evaluation; hence, brand awareness can help consumers to recognize a brand from a product category and make purchase decision by Percy & Rossiter, (1992). According to Herbig & Milewicz (1993); Janiszewski & Van Osselaer (2000); Turley & Moore (1995) brand name offers a symbol that can assist consumers to identify service providers and to predict service results; as a consequence, brand awareness will affect purchase decision through brand association, and when a product owns a positive brand image, it will help in marketing activities (Keller 1993). According to Stryfom et al. (1995) the marketers can create brand awareness among their target audience by repetitive advertising and publicity. Macdonald & Sharp (2000) also reveals that brand awareness plays an important role on purchase intention because consumers tend to buy a familiar and well known product. According to Chaudhuri, & Holbrook (2001), brand awareness and brand image to be ascendant to brand

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