Assignment On Fast Food

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Joshua Gerry
Grade 12
Henley High School
Business Studies
Research task: Fast foods/Franchises Index

1) Description and understanding of business
2) Most important fast foods in SA-pg4
3) Essay on franchises and running a business –pg5
4) Report on chosen franchise –pages 6 and 7
5) Experience on chosen franchise –page 8
6) Conclusion –page 9
7) Reference list –page 10

1) Description and understanding of fast food

A Fast Food is a business that provides food for people on the go. A Fast Food business is a business that produces food in masses that is quickly prepared and served.

I think that fast food helps a lot of people who are always in a rush and people who do not work easy hours. 2) The most important Fast Foods in South Africa

• Steers
• Wimpy
• Debonaires
• The Fish and Chip co
• Nando’s
• Chesa Nyama
• Chicken Licken
• McDonalds
• Romans Pizzas
• Fishaways
• Kauia
• Dominos
• Pizza Hut
• Mochachos

3) Essay on franchises and running a business

What is a franchise? A franchise is a licence that someone (franchisee) gets in order to allow them to have access to the businesses knowledge, their processes and trademarks in order to allow the person to sell a product or provide a service under the same name as the business. Initial start-up and annual licencing fees are usually paid to the franchisor.

Managing a franchise is not like running your own business. When managing a franchise a franchise the Advertising and pricing is not up to you

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