Assignment On Human Science And Human Resource Management

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UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SARAWAK (UNIMAS) FACULTY OF COGNITIVE SCIENCE AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT KMS1024 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SEMESTER 2 (SESSION 2015/2016) GROUP ASSIGNMENT (15%) TITLE: INCIDENT 1 – COMPENSATION INCIDENT 2 - EMPLOYEE AND LABOUR RELATIONS LECTURER’S NAME: MADAM WAN SOFIAH MEOR OSMAN GROUP MEMBER’S DETAILS: NUM. NAME MATRICS NUM. 1. SHAMMUNDESWARI A/P PATHMANATHAN 53758 2. CHIN PUI CHEN 54544 3. NOORAZILA BT YAZIZ 52913 4. CHU YEE LI 51518 5. ROY ANAK JIKA 43866 6. TRACY ELLYNA KEMOS 49327 DEADLINE: 22nd APRIL 2016 1.0 DISCUSSION INCIDENT 1 1. Why was the implementation of flextime a negative experience for the management at TOKU? Flextime is a non-traditional working scheduling practice which allows the employee who works full-time to choose their individual starting and quitting times within certain time limits, such as not earlier than 5 a.m. and not later than 9 p.m.(“What is flextime? definition and meaning,” n.d.). As in result this does not also reduce the total hours of working should be completed by employee in a week. Flextime is a practice to create flexible conditions that help the employees to integrate their work and personal lives more effectively. Besides it also gives an opportunity for the employees to manage issues regarding their commuting, caregiving, continuing education and community service. But based on the few research and the article, implementation of flextime in ToKu had gave negative experience for the management due to few
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