Assignment On Plagiarism

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ELECTRONIC ASSIGNMENT COVERSHEET Student Number: 3327556 Surname: SIA Given name: KAI YI Email: Unit Code: BBS200 Unit name: UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS RESEARCH Enrolment mode: *External, Internal or Placement Date: 16 MARCH 2018 Assignment number: * Assignment name: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Tutor: DR DONALD TAN Student’s Declaration: • Except where indicated, the work I am submitting in this assignment is my own work and has not been submitted for assessment in another unit. • This submission complies with Murdoch University 's academic integrity commitments. I am aware that information about plagiarism and associated penalties can be found at If I have any doubts or queries about this, I am further aware that I can contact my Unit Coordinator prior to submitting the assignment. • I acknowledge that the assessor of this assignment may, for the purpose of assessing this assignment: o reproduce this assignment and provide a copy to another academic staff member; and/or o submit a copy of this assignment to a plagiarism-checking service. This web-based service may retain a copy of this work for the sole purpose of subsequent plagiarism checking, but has a legal agreement with the University that it will not share or reproduce it in any form. • I have retained a copy of this assignment. • I will retain a copy of the notification of receipt of this assignment. If you have not received a
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