Assignment On Software Engineering

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DORSET COLLEGE ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET – HETAC PROGRAMMES LECTURER NAME: : Dr. Muhammad M Iqbal STUDENT NAME: Adam Gelston STUDENT NUMBER: 14324 PROGRAMME: BSc in Computing & Multimedia STAGE/YEAR: 3 MODULE NAME: Software Engineering ASSIGNMENT NO. & TITLE: 1. Assignment No. 1 • For a softcopy submission, submit the assignment electronically including this cover sheet and then submit a signed hardcopy to your lecturer. • For a hardcopy submission, the assignment including this cover sheet should be handed up to the lecturer at the time agreed. • Late assignments will incur a penalty (minus 10% of the overall mark per day up to a maximum of five working days, after day five, the assignment will not be accepted). Date Received: (Lecturer use only) MODE OF SUBMISSION: SOFTCOPY ___X__________ HARDCOPY _____________ (e.g. via Moodle) COMPONENTS OF SUBMISSION: (e.g. no and type of pieces submitted, no of pages in a report, disk included?) DECLARATION: I declare that: • This work is entirely my own and that I have acknowledged all materials and sources used in its preparation; • I have not copied in part or whole or otherwise plagiarised the work of anyone else and have not knowingly allowed others to plagiarise my work in this way; • I understand that plagiarism is a serious offence and that I am bound by Dorset College policy on Academic Integrity. I understand that I may be

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