Software Development Case Study

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(a) Describe the water model for software development and list three of its advantages for software development. [5 marks]
The waterfall model in relation to software development is one of the earliest software development models.
It is a plan driven process which offers a sequential systematic approach to software development. It consists of stages which generate documentation upon their respective completion, giving the model a document driven attribute also. The stages of the waterfall project are as follows:
Requirements Analysis & Definition The systems expected functionalities and features are discussed with the system users and are clarified to a degree so as they serve as a specification for the system.
• System & Software Design The system is designed and the system architecture is identified.
• Implementation & Unit Testing The various units of the system are coded or created as per the design in the previous stage and individually tested.
• Integration & System Testing The entire system is “tied together” and tested.
• Operation & Maintenance The system is installed and integrated into
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The app is to be a simple game encompassing characters from the movie which is to be released. The RAD model is a type of incremental model. The criteria for choosing an incremental model dictate that
1. The requirements are reasonably well defined.
2. Overall scope of the development effort suggests a purely linear effort.
3. A limited set of software functionality is needed quickly. (Puntambekar, 2008)
The project in question satisfies all of these criteria. The RAD model will allow the app to offer functionality in a short space of time. Any changes that need to be made to it can be added in later versions. To use the waterfall model for this project would significantly increase the overall completion time due to its document driven nature.
(c) A company is in need of an online ordering service for medical instruments goods from its existing Online Catalogue. Discuss how such a system might be delivered successfully with the prototyping lifecycle

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