Teachers Assign Too Much Homework To Students Essay

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Do Teachers Assign Too Much Homework To Students?
A kids greatest fear, homework. Kids these days are always worrying about homework. Some say that teaches give too less, just the right amount or too much. I think that teachers do assign too much homework to their students. There are many reasons why this is true.

Having less homework assigned could improve kids social skills. If there was less homework kids could spend more time with friends. They could even make new friends. They could go out and have a good time with friends without having to worry about doing homework. Also kids could spend more time with family. They could watch movies or go outside and do something fun with their family. Some families won 't let their kids be on devices,
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This stress could lead to them lashing out at someone. This stress could be from not understanding homework. I know that if I don 't know how to do something, it can be very stressful. Some kids may ask their teacher or their parent. Parents sometimes don 't know how to do something and that can get very stressful. Also at times teachers don 't look at their email because they are busy with something else. When a teacher does not respond, some kids worry that they will get in trouble. This can be a very big cause of stress and a very common thing to stress about. If teachers don 't give out so much homework, that could be a very big stress reliever for some people. Although homework can be very stressful, some people say that it can be a great opportunity for families to work together. This is inaccurate because homework can actually create tension between family members. This may be because family members disagree on how to do something and then they can get into a big fight about who is right or wrong. This could result in family members not talking or being very rude to each other. Also homework may cause kids to grow away from their families. Kids may be working on homework all day and not be able to see their family very often. That could really affect a kid 's life in the
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