Assignment On Too Much Homework To Students

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Do Teachers Assign Too Much Homework To Students?
A kids greatest fear, homework. Kids these days are always worrying about homework. Some say that teaches give too less, just the right amount or too much. I think that teachers do assign too much homework to their students. There are many reasons why this is true.

Having less homework assigned could improve kids social skills. If there was less homework kids could spend more time with friends. They could even make new friends. They could go out and have a good time with friends without having to worry about doing homework. Also kids could spend more time with family. They could watch movies or go outside and do something fun with their family. Some families won 't let their kids be on devices, watch movies, or anything like that unless they are done with their homework. If a kid has a lot of homework they might be spending their whole day in the same room working on homework instead of spending time with family. Homework could also get in the way of a kids religion. They might have to skip church to be able to get their homework done. This could lead to not going to church at all and growing away from their friends or family at church. If you are a christian, this could also lead to growing away from God and that is not a very good thing.

Some people may say that homework can help kids to learn more. This is wrong because most of the time kids forget what is on the worksheet. This may because they might try to rush

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