Analysis Of Pretty Little Liars

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Assignment Psychoanalytic Criticism – Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars is a show about five teenage girls. A year after their friend is murdered, four friends are reunited after they start receiving mysterious, and threatening texts from 'A. ' the girls each have their own distinctive personalities, including strengths and weaknesses. Their supportive friendship is the central relationship of the show and all other storylines radiate from this connection like the spokes on a wheel. The whole show plays out the paranoia of the teenage years, the fear that everyone is always watching you at all times. Nowhere is this more evident than in the girls ' romantic pursuits. Throughout four seasons the friends try to solve the mystery of their…show more content…
But she always manipulated them. Her messed up relationship with her parents makes her use Emily and play with her feelings. She makes several rude remarks about Emily’s sexuality. Alison wanted boys to like her she loved the attention from them, she loved she felt validated by their appreciation and desire because it conformed to social norms, she could outwardly brag about it. When it came to Emily she could kiss Emily without it meaning anything. Emily was safe to her. However when boy’s didn’t like her she got upset and when someone else showed interest in Emily is also pissed her off, she knew Paige was interested in Emily and could take her away from Alison. She liked to have power over boys and especially Emily, and with her return she realized Emily has changed and her control and power and manipulative ways won’t work on her as they once used to. Alison wants people to be into her, and she wants to withhold from giving them what they…show more content…
It’s all fake. Everything she says or does never add up. She loves that everyone in town is talking about her; she’s getting what she wants. When the girls’ question her she never gets defensive just gives them a straight out reply and they never know what to say. She wants them to know she is back and she wants them to know she still has power over them she is their “ring leader”. She fakes everything and gets sympathy from her dad and the town but the girls know she is up to no good. She is sick, and she really needs help
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