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1. Purpose what you are trying to accomplish in life. For example, like finishing school to get my bachelor degree. (Paul, R. Elder, L. 2012)
Question what is the question being asked of you. For example, being asked a question about your thoughts on a situation,
Assumptions taking a belief for granted being lead to a conclusion and not knowing why. For example, I would be taking school for granted if I di not study at all and not caring if I pass my classes or not.
Information things you trying to figure out through data or facts. For example, a person reports an incident to the police. They take the report in consideration and then go out ask questions and gather the facts.
Concepts is using to make sense of things
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I will apply new learning to my future to help me to progress further in life. For example, what has been learned in college, will brooding my vocabulary skills, and help me in computer skills. It will also give me knowledge on getting a job.
1. On the multiple intelligence assessment is to determine which intelligence are strongest for you. This assessment also finds your strengths. My results is as followed bodily/kinesthetic 80% musical 80% naturalist 75%interpersonal 65% logical/mathematical55% verbal/linguistic 45% visual/spatial35% interpersonal45%.
I am a bodily/kinesthetic for sure. I am a sports fan and I like to stay active always when I can. One of my concrete experience was swimming. I have always love the water, but I was afraid of getting in water that was a level to my neck. I realize that fearing the water kept me from learning how to swim. I can to a conclusion that once I got over the fear of the water, that is when I learn to swim.
2. My enjoyment now is swimming I love it and no one can keep from being in the water when I can.
3. What I learn through abstract conceptualization. You should never fear something, you have not experience first. What you should do is ask questions and observe others and get their feedback on their experience. Just do not assume something just by the way things look
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How I will apply new learning. I will use it to observe and questions first, before I decide or do any problem-solving. I will also take my time in making major decisions especially when it comes to my life and someone else. I will also gather information putting the pros and cons together to do my problem-solving along with observations.
I learn that inference it is behavioral that is control by influenced not only by choices, by what may have happened. Inference is also defining to have unchosen options such as social outcomes. Inference can also be defined as in accurate or accurate. (Reifer, AF. Koch, S.P. Schroger, F. Hinrichs, H, Henze H. Desemo L & Schiagen Hauf F, 2016.
Assumption in this article is define as a reality between college choice and earnings. Assumption is also something we take for granted. Like going to college and having a full scholarship, taking for granted that you be blessed. You go out and start partying and never studying and not showing up for classes. A person not caring if you graduate or not. (De Luna, X, & Lundin M., 2014 I did my worst thinking today at night. I was thinking what would happen if I get on the road while the roads were slick and dangerous to

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