Ghandi's Mission Statement Analysis

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Kiara Teunissen Goals and mission statements task Question 1: a) Source A can be considered as a mission statement because it is everything that Ghandi intends on doing. This is a good mission statement because he has stayed positive with all his goals that he has put in his mission statement that he wants to achieve and he also uses positive language. Source B can be considered a good mission statement because Ben Franklin has taken all of his values that he believes are important and he has added on to them to make them mean more to him and has turned his values into his mission statement. Personally I think my doing his mission statement like this it has worked really well because it makes it personal as well as it still being a mission statement. b) Although in source B I love how Franklin has taken some of his values and turned it into his mission statement. My favourite is Ghandi’s mission statement because he starts almost every sentence he has in his mission statement with “I shall” and for me I think this is quite powerful because he is not just saying the different thing that he might possibly do, when he says “I shall” he is almost reassuring that he definitely will do what he says in this mission statement and because he says this he will always stay…show more content…
But my favourite part of Nikes whole mission statement is when they say “if you have a body, you are an athlete” because personally I feel that this is very effective and motivational because in them saying this in their mission statement they are saying that you don’t have to have or be a specific body type to be an athlete, you don’t have to be thin and it doesn’t matter if you are fat, as long as you have a body-you can be an
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