Assignment: Technical Assessment: Gender And Development Specialist

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Technical Assessment – Gender & Development Specialist P4 Islamabad, Pakistan 25 November, 2014 Answering the question: Describe how staffing plan will function in implementation of various components of programme? The way country programme is designed, staffing plan will function more collaborative way. Multi-sectoral team work will be critical which will demand more social skills and technical competency. Collaboration and networking will leverage resources and also will effective to reach programmatic objectives by using comparative advantages of knowledge, skills and also branding images of organizations and its staffs. Answering the question: Where do you see the opportunities for the Gender & Development Specialist to be part of the operation…show more content…
Target effort to mitigate gender disparity Area 5. Gender Equality and social justice Gender specialist have to play critical roles in both mainstreaming and targeted effort Overall, it is essential for Gender and Development Specialist to contribute in the following: (a) Capacity building of staffs of involved agencies (UN, GOP and CSOs, CBOs) (b) Capacity building of organizations (c) Policy advocacy for creating enabling environment. (d) Support programme design, formulating strategies and implementation Specifically to mainstream gender in programming; - Facilitate and monitor incorporation of gender in a cross-cutting in all programme components - Annual planning and quality assurance of implementation of planned activities - Design and implement capacity development plan, specifically design gender training for multi-disciplinary professional groups to address gender issues in their program areas and achieve planned targets such as: Health – Maternal health and gender equality in child survival Nutrition – Increase mother nutrition and reduction of anaemia HIV/AIDs – PMTCE Coverages and ART Coverage Social Protection – Reduction in gender based violence at home, workplace and community…show more content…
- Facilitate national, and provincial level consultation to develop strategies to increase awareness and knowledge of and positive attitudes towards the vulnerabilities of women including violence against women and also early marriage - Design mass media campaign to promote positive attitude towards gender equality, women’s empowerment and also women as political leaders. - Support organization of national provincial dialogue to challenge harmful gender norms those constraints girls/women’s development as well as national progress. - Support to increase awareness of women and children human rights and deeper understanding of CEDAW by state organ and CSOs including women’s

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