Teradyne Corporation The Jaguar Project Case Summary

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Assignment: Teradyne Corporation: Jaguar Project Case Students Name Institutional Affiliation Teradyne Corporation: The Jaguar Project Case Introduction Teradyne corporation is a semiconductor test machine manufacturer. The new range of testing equipment had been eagerly awaited since the traditional system had exhibited quite a number of challenges in project development. The project introduced useful aspects of project management such as formal project tracking tools, effectively and adequately designed development process and the principle of upfront planning. O’Brien’s strategies had experienced much success especially in hardware development but seemed to struggle in the software department in software implementation. The main question is `Did the new tools affect development processes. This article will make an analysis of the Teradyne Corporation: Jaguar project and discuss the impact of the new tools to the project development and the key lessons that were learnt in the process. Challenges The application of the new management tools produced a myriad of challenges regarding the limitations of presented projects and with regard to determining the quality of the project delivered. For instance, the issue of the amount of additional time that was required to cover the unplanned but…show more content…
It is important to emphasize that these challenges were brought about by poorly defined goals and the scope was usually unclear. This meant the projects usually tended to go beyond the estimates as the project developers tried to fix newly developed ideas in to the development process. the phase gate model was developed to give an outline of the project development process to offer solutions for managing newly launched

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