Assignment: The Use Of Bill Of Lading In Freight Transportation

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LP 3 Assignment: The use of Bill of Lading in freight transportation Following the LA6100 course –Legal Environment for Global Organizations Anh Quoc Nguyen National American University Introduction In the freight forwarding industry, in which I spent over 10 years working in, the use of Bill of Lading is significant to all related parties which embody the shipper, receiver, freight forwarder, consignee, carrier, insurance company, customs offices, related government’s departments, and so forth. To answer why the Bill of Lading (BOL) and its usages are such important apart from the usages of the commercial invoice, packing list, and certificate of origin, one freight forwarder must admit that each function of a BOL is critically important because each has its own use to serve a particular need and a specific purpose before, during, and after a freight transportation. This paper addresses several purposes of a BOL and its legal significance for the cargo being shipped. Definition and history of the BOL The Bill of Lading came into practical use in the sixteenth century when most of the sellers sent their goods to a distant buyer by sea. In the beginning of its history, the BOL was used to and issued to state the commodity of the goods and it later expanded to a more detailed one by making clear of the goods condition, quality, and so forth. In brief, the BOL is issued by a carrier containing several purposes (Rouse, 2016) : • Evidence of transportation

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