Assignment: Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

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Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

Submitted To: Sir Yasir Jamil Submitted By: Amna Manzoor M.phil Physics (Evening)
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Department Of Physics
University Of Agriculture

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Transmission electron microscopy transmits energetic electrons through the specimen to get high resolution image.

History: In 1931, Ernst Ruska with the help of Max Knolls developed the first electron microscope, known as Transmission electron Microscope. After increasing its magnification power Ruska joined the Sieman’s Company, Where he assist to manufacture
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These differences provide information about the structure, texture, shape and size of the specimen.

1. Transmission Electron microscope reviles the minor details of the object. Because electron has shorter wavelength.
2. Transmission electron microscope gives a highly magnified image.
3. Transmission electron microscope gives information about surface features, shape, size and structure. Applications:
1. TEM can be used for research and studies in universities and colleges.
2. If some material is being viewed by TEM. It gives the information about material’s structure.
3. The analysis of sample’s chemical composition can be performed in the TEM.
4. Transmission electron microscope is used in different fields such as life sciences, nanotechnology, medical, biological and material research, forensic analysis, gemology and metallurgy as well as industry and education
5. TEM can be used for topographical and morphological information.
6. TEM can be used in semiconductor analysis.
7. TEM can be used in manufacturing of computer and silicon chips.
8. Technology companies use TEM to identify flaws, fractures and damages to micro-sized objects

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