Assignment 2.1: Difference Between Law And Justice

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Assignment 2
1. What is the difference between law and justice?
My understanding of law is that: it is used to govern people. It is set by the government and law is followed by the people. Law is a set of rules as to how people belonging to a certain land/country should behave. These rules determine how a person should be treated and punished if he/she commits a crime. The fear of going against the law is what keeps everyone from being vigilantes or criminals; it’s the reason as to why you can feel safe to walk with your purse in public. The law protects every citizen but the law has to also be followed or you will face prosecution. Law is the mainframe of human rights as explained in the paragraph below.
Laws are rules that give us special privileges such as the freedom of speech, gender equality and the right to a free basic education. But not all countries have the same laws as South Africa; for instance countries in Asia do not given women equal rights as men and
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The people are no longer afraid of criminals because they understand that the law will protect them when they stand against it in large numbers. As I have explained the people in my community never take the law into their own hands because that is vigilantism and we understand it does not go hand in hand with the law. There is a great understanding in my community and therefore we always allow the law to run its course.
Working together with the law enforcers members of my community have helped to convict robbers, find disposed bodies and eradicate drugs from the community. By doing all of this we are able to live in a very peaceful society where no youth faces drug problems, there are no hijackings, no sexual abuse cases, no child abuse cases and etcetera. Knowing that I can live with assurance gives me great pride for my
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