Cultural Assimilation

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Assimilation can be described as the process whereby outsiders, immigrants, or subordinate groups become indistinguishable within the dominant host society, eventually conforming to the existing cultural norms of society.
Many Muslims reject any call for assimilation. For them, assimilation is tantamount to a loss of cultural, religious, ethnic identity, and an expectation of conformity to the norms of the majority.
But sometimes is not a conscious choice.
Unluckily, assimilation has proven to be an unreal goal. Despite submitting to the dominant culture by imitating its custom and behaviors, it is impossible for it to be the same. Muslims can mimic European culture and convince themselves that nothing is happening around them, but to the
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As it has been said earlier, Rafal does not have the feeling of authenticity of his own self. This is not just because of his job, but because of the predominant culture he is surrounded by, forcing him to give a catholic funeral to his mother and normalizing despising immigrants.
Alienation characterizes both the process and the results of transforming, under certain historical conditions, in this case, the aptitudes of man, in something independent of themselves and that dominates over them. It also frustrates the development of the individualization of human consciousness. For example, in politics, there is the believing of belonging to the State even though the discriminated group sees that not everyone is equal to the law, or, when is accepted that "some are more equal than others."
We can see this in the Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey (EU-MIDIS II): Muslims-Selected findings of 2017: Only 4% of all Muslim respondents who reported an incident filed a complaint or reported the incident to an equality body, which could be explained by the low level of awareness of its existence. On average, 17% of Muslim respondents think that no law prohibits discrimination, and 14% do not know if such legislation exists. This means that one in three does not know that they have, and can claim, a right to non-discrimination. However surveys also show that the majority of them trusts the police and the justice system even more than non-Muslim
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