Assisted Suicide Persuasive Essay

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Not only is the treatment time consuming but running to the doctor can take a lot of time. Usually, when I go to a doctor, ninety minutes out of my day is involved between waiting to see the doctor, the actual visit, and follow up. Doctor visits are not usually the only visit required; nursing visits, therapy, and lab tests also take several hours a day. Again, a lot of wasted time. The last thing to consider is the pain and suffering a patient has to go through. I cannot stand to see someone I deeply care about suffer beyond all measures due to an illness. I have a relative who was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and it has changed him. He looks sick and is very tired. You can tell he is in a ton of pain and there is nothing I can do for…show more content…
Assisted suicide is not a decision to make as it will have lasting consequences on loved ones. It will also change what we currently think of suicide. All of my life I was taught that suicide was bad. Teenage years were rough, but we stuck them out. Even when life was unbearable, we pushed through and grew. Suicide was never an option to be considered. If we allow ourselves to say, I have a terminal illness, I have the right to commit suicide, we are changing our view on suicide saying it is “ok” to do in tough situations. We do not to give the image, when the going gets tough, end your life; we want to push through and learn. Suicide should not be an option. Death is very hard on people, suicide or not. We love these people and do not want to see them suffer; the death of a loved one has an impact on all of us. When I have lost a loved one, even if it was due to natural causes, it was very difficult; I had an adjustment period afterwards. Any death, suicide or not, will have an effect on others. Assisted suicide, again is not an option as this has an effect on not only the patient, but loved ones as
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