Assisted Suicide: The Right To End One's Life

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Assisted suicide The right to end one 's life have been in controversy. The organized opposition of the "right to life" movement, along with disagreement among disabilities rights organizations, maintain the argument. The heat from the debate only intensifies the difficult choices people with end-stage AIDS may face when life is overwhelmed by permanent illness and/or constant pain. When assisted suicide is spoken of, there are many definitions to it. First there 's doctor-assisted suicide. This means that a qualified medical doctor uses lethal injections to a terminally ill patient to end his/her own life. Second there is Euthanasia. This is the act of ending the life of a hopelessly suffering…show more content…
In my opinion I would agree that assisted suicide is okay. I think that if a person is severely ill, and knows they don 't have much time left because there isn 't a cure, that they have the right to end their own life. The only thing you are accomplishing is making a bill that your family can 't pay off. Assisted suicide is a touchy subject. You would have to look at it from both sides to truly understand it. Yes, you are ending the persons suffering, but on the other hand you are also ending their life. A miracle cure could be discovered that can save that person. there is always that chance of survival and cure. There are so many ways to think about the bads and goods to this…show more content…
I have found a couple that back my opinion on assisted suicide. One approach is the egoism approach. This emphasizes the aim of always acting for self-interest. When a person contemplates suicide, they are acting in self-interest. They feel it is the best thing for them to do at the time. They don 't care about how it would effect their family or friends, all they see is that suicide is a way out of their suffering, and in a way they are right for thinking like that. another approach is the Virtue-Ethics approach. This emphasizes the “aim of excellence by doing the right thing as a result of focusing on certain character values”. When a person is suffering, all they can think about is when the pain will end or ending the pain. At most times that is the only thing on their mind. They focus on their character values and determine whether or not that suicide is the right thing. They rhink of things like; Do they want the pain to end? Yes, they do. but, Do they want their family to suffer from their loss? No, they don 't. And they determine off questions like this if suicide is the right

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