Assistive Technology In The 21st Century

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In the 21st century, technology is part of our life style, technology strives in ever civilization and in dramatically involved with our everyday life. If we can direct the development of technology is a direction where it would benefit our society, we could change our present and future. The term assistive technology is where technology is applied to devices to further help and assist the individuals with disability in our society, if we change how we view technology towards ways to improve our society, we can cause a grand effect in our society. Today, we view technology as an accessory or for work use, we primarily view technology to make out life easier and to connect to various people in various locations. If we were to change our perception…show more content…
There are a high amount of disabled individuals in within our society. In our society, there is something most important above all, which is communication. Communication takes us to new places, gives us new beginnings, shows us new experience, and allows us to coop with our friends, co-workers and family efficiently. Disability takes away those experiences and new beginnings, they take the ability to communicate, and with people who cannot communicate, how do they find their meanings and experience. Experience is what builds your wisdom and knowledge. With no method to achieve these knowledge, they are unable to cooperate and are pushed aside in our very own community. We are human beings, we dislike what is not perfect, and we strive to do our best in everything, when we fail to create a perfect offspring, we tend to have negative feelings, but parents also tend to overcome these negative feelings and love their children. That is not what society does. We do not give opportunity to those to lack…show more content…
It is because we can gain all sorts of knowledge with communication, it is imperative for our daily lives. The biggest part of our life where we need communication is in education stages, without communication, individuals would find it very difficult to talk and gain knowledge in greater heights. Students in the 21st century are fortunate enough to live within the time frame where technology are being developed specifically towards their needs. Individuals, primarily students from the previous generation would have to go towards great heights for such little achievements. Imagine a community where disability, something you did not ask for nor do you deserve it is forced upon you, born in a time where humans did not understand much about these specific type of humans and would treat them as side effects, a life where you are cursed with a disability that you never asked for. But now, in the 21st century, where a community of researchers and developers are dedicated into assisting these disabled individuals in our society. We are fortunate enough to live with the technology that have the ability to create vast technologies that would do great

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