Assurbanipal And His Queen In The Garden Analysis

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This chapter was the start of some very fascinating art that was first discovered during that time, this showed the genius and creativity of the people of what they could create, it represented not just their culture but their way of life. It also represented the ways that they served and viewed the world as a whole during this time. This chapter highlighted the many small status that was built during this time, they were are quiet remarkable to say the least for many things they could make art with. In one of our discussion questions, we talked about the famous women of Willendorf and what that state represented to the culture. I always thought this was the way people viewed females during this time but it could be looked at from multiple angles. As I said before, this chapter brought up some great status that was created and also cave art which is fascinating and…show more content…
Assurbanipal and His Queen in the Garden is an example of Assyrian art from the Ancient Near East. This panel depicts many people eagerly serving and surrounding an apparent affluent couple in a garden. The impression gained from Assurbanipal and His Queen in the Garden is that of a majestic, relaxing hero. This really shows how powerful people during that time had for their king. What really jumps out to me is the detail and structure of how it was made. What connects with that is it gives us a change to view their culture, of how they dressed and ate overall which is really unique to see for historians. Form the discussions and detail we went into when it comes to this era and the art that they have, we can really see just how since the dawn of time, humans have always been artistic and that shows by the many artifices of art that they have left behind for us to see. The cave art is unique, because it shows the way humans during that time viewed animals and held them up
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